Thursday, 7 July 2011

a very woodland themed post...

well here's some more illustrations that Ive been working on. the first is a concept for a creature I'm making for a graphic novel. me and a dear friend have decided to create a story and characters that will eventually form this graphic novel. we each designed a main character (still working on mine but hell make an appearance) and started to think how they would interact, all i can say is I'm looking forward to seeing all the concepts and sketches. the back round to this creature or "wold walker" is that they are guardians of a wood and they are part tree. the other images are of the green knight. i did not create the coloured image i just love the image an wanted to see how the green knight looked in charcoal and chalk.


  1. Wow! That last one is amazing! Well done! :) Love the 'study' for it too :)

  2. HAHA oops, and NOW I read the writing... but he still looks wicked in the charcoal (the 'study' one..) and I actually prefer him in that :) his bulkiness suits him ;)