Friday, 27 May 2011

current scribblings..

well haven't been able to post anything of late due to projects and other various things. well now Ive finally got time and i thought id shared some of my most recent doodles and drawings. the first lot are for one of my current projects "prophecy". I'm doing a survival guide to the Apocalypse (yes i know sounds pretty stupid and a bit grim but hey that's me). their based on airplane safety diagrams hence the minimal detail. the first two are about the consequences of drinking irradiated water and the second two are about finding shelter in a nuclear winter. you may run into to giant mutated snow sloth's you never know. the last picture is for a comic i doing with my mate. its based in my home town and Cardiff and is really just an excuse to draw zombies getting mowed down with weapons and gun fire. who wouldn't like that honestly :)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

well more of a collection of things really..

well this is just a few things Ive been working on at the moment. Ive got a comic about me and my friends from my home town killing zombies ( i know how imaginative) then theres a folk lore thing i did for a project concerning a giant and a forestry commissioner...busy times and a lot more stuff on the way :)

Monday, 16 May 2011

back to reality

well i thought id take a break from all things imaginary and decided to draw some birds with ink :)

Sunday, 15 May 2011

a jingle a jangle..

well i thought long and hard about a potential antagonist for the boy in the woods story (the beginning and initial characters being put in an earlier post) and have decided to make evil Morris dancers. i know sounds random but i thought they would create great suspense with their gradual advance to the sound of bells. i even made a song they could sing which is part of the image below. their based on my towns local Morris group who are called "the widders". they are well known and have scared many children due to their blacked out faces yelling. and that's not before they've had cider an ale..but no their a laugh and found it fun basing my guys on them.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

various scribblings..

well i was bored and thought id grab the old fine liner and do some scribbling , a roider badger, a mad ram rider chasing Bor and some some 13th century irish

more folklore themed things..

well these are a year old now as i drew them for my last project in foundation. was a fun project involving many used pens, vast amounts of plasticine and a log..but i digress these are the designs for Cewri (giants), Tylwyth Teg (faeries) and Coblynau (welsh mining faerie). the last image was used for the front of my sketchbook.

Friday, 13 May 2011

zombies and err eddie..

just finished reading volume 9 of "the walking dead" and was inspired to draw some of my own undead dudes. here they are in all their various states of decaying glory. oh yeah and one of them is Eddie from iron maiden, wonder which one..

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

beards and horned helmets? this could only mean more vikings..

yes that's right more Bor drawings enjoy :)

once in the woods..

these are a few images Ive been working on recently, they've been on the sidelines for a while. its a story about a boy who goes into the woods with his dads pipe and imagines hes his dad. his dad is a lumberjack called Big Mack. at the moment that's all Ive got for the story, I'm sure it will progress over time.

Monday, 9 May 2011

folklore galore..

i have and always will have a soft spot all all things fantasy and folkloric. i don't know what it is but it just niggles at me an makes me want to draw troll haunted pine forests or snowy mountain tops complete with hairy giants..whatever the scene Ive always enjoyed drawing these creatures of yore and so have just decided to show them enjoy :)

alot of beards and horned helmets..

well i said i would and here it is Bor the viking and his hairy buddies. Hes a joy to draw and i hope you like his adventures. plus id love more ideas for his adventures and maybe even other characters. there are more on the way, also maybe even a comic who knows now were did i put my flagon of mead..

Saturday, 7 May 2011

time flies when your dead..

i know what your thinking "that's a very negative attitude for a post" but hear me out. a while ago i created this comic for a past project entitled "the city". we had to use the city (Cardiff in my case) to inspire us and help us create a project and an outcome, pretty standard really. so i set about walking around Cardiff, looking at the history of the place more than the people. it suddenly came to me what if two ghosts of Cardiff met and talked about how they lived in their time. so i thought about two completely different time periods for the ghosts, the first ghost we see is a Victorian and talks very posh and is quite snobbish. the other ghost is a Norman knight who is honest and quite weary. they meet and they have a good old chat well see for yourself and tell me what you think. the comic is drawn in the style of one of my all time favourite artists Mike Mignola. i thought his style would best suit the comic as its meant to be quite a dark/creepy mood.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

back in ye olde days..

these are the images mentioned in the previous post. this one on the left is the sly person, i can just imagine him sneaking around in the dark doing all kinds of things.the other is the beloved person complete with fair maiden. i thought of him as a suave and charming kind of guy. i wanted the illustrations to look like medieval manuscript illustrations. im quite proud of the images in all obviously theres more but i havnt got round to scanning them yet (salvation the scanner works once more).

well there was this scanner see..

well i would include some images with this post but my scanner has decided to be a twat and stop working. i will hopefully get some images up off my current project "days dead and gone" which follows the life of a tramp who was a god in pre Roman times but is now forced to live on the streets. its basically him telling his story and how he was once named Arawn (character from the mabinogion) and how he was worshipped and how the land has changed.

another project im currently working on is The Millers Tale from the Canterbury Tales. it is a collection of five illustrations featuring the miller (suitably drunk), the knight and the reeve (listing intently), the sly person, and the beloved person. the fith illustration shows how the sly person makes the beloved person to be disliked. i worked of a quote which was:

"alwey the nye slye maketh the feere leeve to be looth"

roughly translated as:   the near by sly person always makes the far beloved to be disliked.

last on the list of various scribbling is Bor the viking. i created him one afternoon whilst i mindlessly sat at my desk thinking of a more exciting life. hes a stout character who is accompanied by his mates Beli the Merry(and fat), Sven the Burly and Ivar the long haired. well ill soon up load these illustrations as soon as that damn scanner works

bloody technology...