Monday, 12 March 2012

miners of Caerau pt2

here are some more illustrations for my current project revolving around the miners of Caerau. there are also illustrations with the lyrics from Max Boyce's song "Duw its hard". i feel it really sums up the attitude of people and of miners it was a hard life, and they deserve respect. the first few are pencil drawings and the last ones are watercolour.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

dredd aint the only judge..

i was looking into the story behind britcit in the old 2000 ads and found out that there were English and Scottish judges. naturally i was confused to see wales had appears they are just nomads referred to as "Gaels" but i thought it right to create my own version of a welsh judge...judge Dai

 judge Dai
 Britcit judge
 Calhab judge
judge Dredd

miner of Caerau

for a current project im in the middle of illustrating the story of the decline of the coal industry in wales. its a sad tale although there are still collierys around there arnt as many as there were in the 19th century. its also a personal story due to my family having come from a mining backround. so heres a miner from the same little town as my family, caerau sittuated in the llynfi valley.

drokk its dredd..

due to judge dredd being remind i thought id illustrate mega city 1's best street judge enjoy :)
how do you plead!
i knew you'd say that