Monday, 11 August 2014

the small folk are back..

well its been busy down here in the village. a plague of ramblers descended on our quiet little welsh village and now its all high carbon walking sticks and laminated maps..but i dug down and dished out some new models. as i stated in the last posts i've been busy on the ol model front. but these models are a joy to make. so i thought id share some of the small folk.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

are you a Marvel or a DC kinda person?

well im usually a Marvel man myself but DC does have some pretty cool bad guys so for once i decided to draw my interpretations of Solomon Grundy and killer Croc happy scribbles :)

lost track of time...

well..urr this is a bit crappy isnt it? been about a year nearly since my last post. how time doth fly well what have i been up to i hear you say. well i've finished my course and since moved back from Cardiff (to my dismay) and have now been pushed into the real world armed only with a pencil and a keen eye to defend myself. so as my eyes adjust to the new light let me fill you in on what work related stuff ive been doodling. first off i've been sculpting. alot. and to be fair more so than drawing, it seems to be my main income at the mo but hopefully things looming on the horizon will be more illustrative. so whilst on the illustration front ive been working on a wild west card game. yes its been all six shooters and stetsons at the mo. this is currently on the veritable edge of being completed. so close. i cannot however show any imagery unfortunately :( yes sad faces all round but i have other things to show don't you fear. there's a game im thinking of creating, its in the works but here's some first initial designs for enemies and stuff. its going to be a side scroller but a board game aswell. the game mechanics are still yet to be made of course..

also on a last note i have a facebook page you can like just search pritchcraft: the art of sam pritchard happy scribbles.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

time flies..

well what can i say its been a long time since i last posted anything. what have been up to i hear you say? well apart from much merriment and festive themed gorging i have been commissioned for a project. i cant at the moment show any illustrations of said project but i promise it should be a good one and will indefinitely put some images up soon. all i can say is that its a western themed card game that will put up on kick starter very hush hush. anyway over the festive break i picked up my controller and decided to replay fable 2 such a good game and since looking at the fable legends trailer I've been a little obsessed with the world of Albion so here's a hero for all you guys, i imagined hes just left a farm and so is only equipped with a felling axe and the bare essentials for the road enjoy

Monday, 21 October 2013

current scribbles

just got a new water colour pad just warming up for some old school fantasy concepts enjoy :)

Saturday, 14 September 2013

down from the mountain they come..

here are some illustrations of the giants in the fey comic I am currently working on. I thought of them more as a different race to the other fey but having different breeds of giant, there's the typical giant that's ranges from 10-12 feet tall, these guys are the basic and most common giants which starts the first story arc of the comic. the second however are the hill strider's, vast colossal beings whom are rare compared to their smaller cousins. more to come soon

Friday, 6 September 2013

im not that kind of doctor actually..

another character for the comic, actually one of the main characters before the team gathers, Dr John Tute. scholar, geologist, naturalist, archivist in all the archetypal scholar. having studied in depth in the field of myth and folklore Tute was ridiculed by fellow academics being called an odd ball strange. it however seemed to have paid off due to the circumstances..

Thursday, 5 September 2013

mechanic here..

yet another character fresh of the press. his name is Higgins, hes the engineer of the group hence his sooty appearance, hes a big tough guy who answers back and doesn't take shit, maybe due to his first name being a little on the feminine side..

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

the team assembles..

here are two more characters for the comic me and my friend are currently working on. Alfred Campbell a noted explorer and ex soldier who after serving with the army changed his views on colonialism and instead chose to travel and learn the languages of the different indigenous peoples of the world. our other character is lord Charles Remington. once a officer in the British army he retired after accusations of unnecessary force, he is now a leading power in the houses of parliament and it is whispered works on special duties for the queen.

Monday, 2 September 2013

a story unfolds..

currently me and a good friend are working on a comic. yes that's right a comic. having just witnessed the awesome event that was comic con Cardiff (hardly San Diego i know but give a welsh man a beak) i was inspired to create my own comic with my mate writing and me illustrating. here's one character so far hes a fey hunter and a damn tough one at that. his name is Robert Finnegan or "bobby Finn" by his fighting name. hes an Irish man in the service of  queen Victoria, aye its a rough time being Irish and fighting fey folk but hey she pays well.