Monday, 26 September 2011

rambles here and there pt 2

some more photos from rambles around Monmouthshire. these were taken on top of gray hill. its a nice little walk either a 15 minute steep walk or a half hour stroll through the woods. at the time i took the quicker rout but i would recommend going up the wooded way.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

just a few things really..

here are a couple of pictures I'm using for references for an up coming project, should be good :)

Saturday, 24 September 2011

concerning the other folk pt 2

these are the most recent photos of the other folk. i intend to create a book or something along those lines in the future. At the moment its just a pleasure to make and photograph these models :)

summer in Mathern featuring: leprechaun, knocker, Bogart

concerning the other folk

well its been an ongoing project Ive been doing since my foundation end of year exhibition. Ive always loved folklore, and i Ive always loved sculpting. making my creations into 3d is one of my favourite ways to feel more connected to my work. of course i still love to illustrate my ideas (these usually being roughs and some presentable) but i feel when something is 3d you can connect with it better. and once their put in real life settings it makes it even better. so here are some images of my creations the snow one are about a year old so hope you enjoy.

winter in Mathern featuring: coblynau and tylwyth teg

little did they know of the event that would follow..

well i know the title of this post is misleading but hey it was a haunted church. the church is supposedly haunted due to an event in the 60s or 70s were two kids thought it would be a good idea to burn it down, the problem being they didn't get out in time and were killed. so now the church is haunted by restless does have a very off putting atmosphere inside though..and theres also pictures of Tintern abbey supposedly haunted by monks and some say the devil enjoy :)

"the living to the church i call.
and to the grave will summon all"

a rhyme found on church bells at Skenfrith