Saturday, 23 July 2011

once again on the woodland front...

well its been a recurring theme this past couple of weeks. its always been a central theme actually to my work. yes you guessed it nature! well trees mostly and certain woodland critters. this is for my current project which will some how (haven't figured it out yet) have natural elements within the work. so Ive set about collecting and taking pictures of natural areas which inspire me. also Ive looked at old projects which have this same theme and have assembled them to create a greater body of research so i can be inspired. now using said research i have begun to create characters that are mainly tree like at the moment but also slightly human. so here they are their just rough versions at the moment hope you like them. oh and theres a picture with a face in the leaves, an actual green man :) its right in the middle but is only half a face. enjoy

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