Wednesday, 4 May 2011

well there was this scanner see..

well i would include some images with this post but my scanner has decided to be a twat and stop working. i will hopefully get some images up off my current project "days dead and gone" which follows the life of a tramp who was a god in pre Roman times but is now forced to live on the streets. its basically him telling his story and how he was once named Arawn (character from the mabinogion) and how he was worshipped and how the land has changed.

another project im currently working on is The Millers Tale from the Canterbury Tales. it is a collection of five illustrations featuring the miller (suitably drunk), the knight and the reeve (listing intently), the sly person, and the beloved person. the fith illustration shows how the sly person makes the beloved person to be disliked. i worked of a quote which was:

"alwey the nye slye maketh the feere leeve to be looth"

roughly translated as:   the near by sly person always makes the far beloved to be disliked.

last on the list of various scribbling is Bor the viking. i created him one afternoon whilst i mindlessly sat at my desk thinking of a more exciting life. hes a stout character who is accompanied by his mates Beli the Merry(and fat), Sven the Burly and Ivar the long haired. well ill soon up load these illustrations as soon as that damn scanner works

bloody technology...

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