Friday, 27 May 2011

current scribblings..

well haven't been able to post anything of late due to projects and other various things. well now Ive finally got time and i thought id shared some of my most recent doodles and drawings. the first lot are for one of my current projects "prophecy". I'm doing a survival guide to the Apocalypse (yes i know sounds pretty stupid and a bit grim but hey that's me). their based on airplane safety diagrams hence the minimal detail. the first two are about the consequences of drinking irradiated water and the second two are about finding shelter in a nuclear winter. you may run into to giant mutated snow sloth's you never know. the last picture is for a comic i doing with my mate. its based in my home town and Cardiff and is really just an excuse to draw zombies getting mowed down with weapons and gun fire. who wouldn't like that honestly :)

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