Thursday, 31 July 2014

lost track of time...

well..urr this is a bit crappy isnt it? been about a year nearly since my last post. how time doth fly well what have i been up to i hear you say. well i've finished my course and since moved back from Cardiff (to my dismay) and have now been pushed into the real world armed only with a pencil and a keen eye to defend myself. so as my eyes adjust to the new light let me fill you in on what work related stuff ive been doodling. first off i've been sculpting. alot. and to be fair more so than drawing, it seems to be my main income at the mo but hopefully things looming on the horizon will be more illustrative. so whilst on the illustration front ive been working on a wild west card game. yes its been all six shooters and stetsons at the mo. this is currently on the veritable edge of being completed. so close. i cannot however show any imagery unfortunately :( yes sad faces all round but i have other things to show don't you fear. there's a game im thinking of creating, its in the works but here's some first initial designs for enemies and stuff. its going to be a side scroller but a board game aswell. the game mechanics are still yet to be made of course..

also on a last note i have a facebook page you can like just search pritchcraft: the art of sam pritchard happy scribbles.

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