Thursday, 5 July 2012

concerning the hamlet of Green Hollow

well Ive been sketching and doodling ideas for a project and have finally got an idea I'm really excited about. it concerns the hamlet of green hollow, a small community united under growing vegetables and getting drunk at the ol fox hole on a Saturday night. a quintessential idyllic hamlet however the people who live in this hamlet are some what different to normal people. their only 10 inces tall. this project is a evolution of my old project which was entitled "concerning the other folk". i have decided to create 20 characters each named, sketched, sculpted and photographed in a real woodland with buildings to scale. this project will be done over a year and i intend to create the hamlet by the end of the year and have it on show. its a tall order but i look forward to starting. once my scanner is working again ill put up the first designs. watch this space

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